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Bharat Jodo Abhiyaan Individual Pledge

  1. I affirm my faith in and love for the Constitutional Values written in the Preamble of the Indian Constitution: Justice, Equality, Liberty and Fraternity (with each other, with other communities and nations, and with nature and the environment) and Secularism. 

  2. I further affirm my faith in the Democratic Institutions –the Judiciary, the Legislature and the Executive, mutually checking and balancing each other plus an independent media, free and autonomous universities and a vibrant civil society – which together enable us to build a society, polity and economy in which Constitutional Values can flourish.

  3. I will do my utmost to promote these values and speak out where we see these values are being trampled upon through the spread of hatred, violence, fear and lies.

  4. I will walk at least 1500 metres a day, and more depending on how much my capacity is.  I will participate in any collective walks organised in my area.

  5. I will reach out to at least 15 strangers or people I know but hardly talked to, and get to know and understand them a bit with Sadbhavana.

  6. I will reach out to and seek forgiveness from and make up with all those with whom I have had quarrels, fights, break-ups or durbhavana.  Hopefully these are not 15 in number, but I will reach out to everyone I am alienated from and have a dialogue.

  7. I will plant at least 15 trees or clean at least 15 drains or water bodies or take care of at least 15 animals.

  8. I will provide some support - in kind or cash - to at least 15 people poorer than me. Help can be in the form of educational, medical or other material support.

  9. I will assert my presence on social media, and reach out to at least 15 What's App groups / Facebook pages and at least 15 persons on digital media and spread the campaign message through Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. (Template messages will be made available on website). 

  10. I will participate in and help organise at least 15 Bharat Jodo Abhiyaan activities such as talks, music concerts, theatre shows, sporting events, walks and runs, langars to feed the poor, medicine distribution, hospital visits, blood donation camps, and environmental activities from tree planting to drain and pond cleaning to waste cleaning. 

  11. I will do this from wherever I am, at home, or in a  private space or group, or outside, in a park, a public space, in person or virtually through any media – from puppet shows and street theatre to digital and social media.

  12. I will reach out to at least 15 of the following to spread the message of Sadbhavana 

    1. Local NGOs, voluntary community groups, SHGs, trade unions that I am member of

    2. Sports, clubs, Rotary/Lions Clubs/Chambers of commerce and Trade Associations

    3. Educational institutions – schools, colleges, universities

    4. Mahants/priests/maulvis/ulemas/ granthis/ gurus of my religious sect/sub-sect

    5. Performers of music, dance etc. traditional and new, like stand-up comedians, DJs, RJs, or other influencers I know.

Take our Pledge

Thank you for helping us make a difference!

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