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Contribute to the Abhiyaan

Our Message

The more people become aware what Constitutional Values and Democratic Institutions (CVDI) are and how these are being threatened, the stronger our cause will be. So please share this on all the WhatsApp groups you are members of. 

A campaign of this magnitude cannot run without funding. We have to raise money from the people, asking for contributions. To ensure full autonomy, we will accept no more than Rs 2000 from one person in a financial year. All fund contributors will be given a digital/printed receipt, and funds deposited in designated bank accounts, from which all expenses will be made. Accounts will be duly audited. 


Donate Material

Contributions will also be sought in kind – the most important being volunteer time, but also things like venues for meetings, refreshments and meals for participants, medicines and clothes for the needy, books and learning equipment for schools and children, etc.

An Abhiyaan like this will require volunteers to support different aspects of the movement. You can reach out to our organizers to volunteer in your capacity.

Volunteer With The Abhiyaan

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